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Destiny can appear like a pitfall beneath one's feet

Who can say that tomorrow will be just like today?

5/30/08 04:01 am - Stress is the spice of life

So for those of you who aren't aware, my family, all of them, are due back on the 6th of June. All of the remaining people who are in the house currently are due out by this Sunday. Doesn't mean much for me other then the end of what was at the very least a fun lifestyle. Anyway 'nuff of that.

The real reason I'm writing is to express my stress over having to clean my room to the extreme so that i can get new (to me) furniture in and redecorate my room. I've already thrown out 7 trash bags worth of stuff and I'm looking at maybe one more trash bag. not to mention the box everything I'm keeping is in. I honestly don't know why this job has got me so stressed. Part of it is probably because I don't really feel like im getting much of anywhere with it.. I feel like I keep throwing crap out but theres no end in sight. I think once my old furniture makes its way to the sidewalk/wherever we're donating I'll feel quite a bit more accomplished or something like it.

Im surprisingly tired considering i chugged down a glass of double strong kool aid with about 4x sugar not to long ago. I think it is also causing my lack of eloquence as far as my writing goes. not that it was ever going to win awards but was just a thought. Oh well at least I'm not bored like a good 60% of the people i know. alright im wrambling now. buh byes!!

5/16/08 01:55 pm - Game of the year 2009

Youve got my vote platinum games

4/26/08 02:35 am - So.

So I've decided of all the social networking things i like livejournal the best... mostly because its not overly complex and full of retard. On that note: Work made me so sleepy and achy today. Also my Father is in town for the weekend. I'ma go to sleep now before I lose my clarity/happiness.

4/24/08 03:52 pm - Update? No Wai!!

    So it's been a long while since i last updated and alot of things have happened since then so I think it's about time for one. Lets see, Kat and I celebrated what has been a very nice 2 years together. Despite several ups and downs I can honestly say for once i don't feel like I'm begging someone to love me and in fact it feels pretty natural.
    I recently got a new laptop... The other ones wireless card exploded under warranty, and the techs at HP couldnt fix the thing. So the wonderful people at Best Buy gave me a 900 dollar credit towards a new one, which was spectacular as 900 dollars gets you so much more then it used to. Zune is working nicely, although still not supporting japanese text (Damn you). Theres some software I want to get for it thatll let me rip all my dvds by chapter directly into zune compatible format. I believe its called CucuSoft DVD to Zune and I really liked the interface on the trial version so im thinking of buying that when I have more money.
    My current gaming obsession is Odin sphere which i am on the 5th part out of 7 and about 50 something hours in and really enjoying. Although playing as Oswald (the shadow knight) was kind of a let down, as you can only go into his alternate form for 5 seconds at a time, but he makes up for it with his enormous hp. My favourite character thus far to play as is Cornelius the Pooka Prince. Before you say it's because he's a bunny man, it's not. His quick melee combat and spinning jump attack just more my style then the other characters. Mercedes was definitely different but a whole lot of fun, not having to worry about POW quite so much was quite a plus. Gwen is a very well balanced character and I havent really played enough as Velvet yet, but she seems to play like an alternate gwen with better combos, which was really made gwen kind of boring.
On the art side of things I am feeling rather stagnant again although I will probably have a piece done today if I actually work on it. As for my rp stuff, its becoming increasingly more frustrating and upsetting as nobody else seems to be around ever, even when they say they will be. For those of you who don't know I put a lot of effort into my Wolf Rp and am severely emotionally attached to both my wolf, DestinyRose( my alpha) and his mate-to-be AmberWolf. So while what I'm saying may seem silly, we all have our secret lives we don't talk about, I just happen to talk about it pretty openly, at least as of late. That being said Special Woof-woofs go out to Amber, Destiny, Amythist, Lobo, Tala, and Desori. You people are freaking silly but I <3 you all, if i forgot somewuff i apologize.

1/14/08 12:34 pm

Dear Microsoft,


12/20/07 01:28 pm - Roadtrip


11/3/07 09:05 pm - Days 2 and 3

Please note all time not acounted for is probably spent in video room
Got Autographs i required .
AMV iron editor was kinda rediculous...
Why is there only 1 video room working, go back to sleep. wake up.
Nothing really spectacular in dealers room.
Your swarm today is L's
Card Captor Will is doing it wrong.
Caramel Dancin' in the hallway
Concert was pretty awesome, Comedian... ok
Theres no schedule for video now.... dont know when i'm on duty again.
no food problems woot ^.^
Adult Mario Party <.<

11/2/07 01:35 am - Youmacon staff report part 1

Con report  day 1:

We don't have any stereo equipment?!
Where's Morgan?!
Why is he watching House!
I'm running video 1 off my laptop.
i got the stuff for video 2
oh...good the equipments here... WE DON'T HAVE A Y SPLITTER

Roommates are really cool.


10/18/07 02:13 pm - OKAM-WII!!!



10/5/07 02:04 pm


 ok  im done XD
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